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country side in austria

I don’t know about you, but personally whenever I’m going to a new place I feel like a kid again. Not knowing what to expect, the newness of the habitat, the people, the food, the surroundings…..all these things get me really excited. I believe it’s also the fact that my eyes will see new roads, new trees, new structures and new face for the first time.

We live in  Vienna, very beautiful indeed but I always used to think that it’s the only place in Austria without mountains:) Or at least in the immediate vicinity. You know, like Salzburg, Innsbruck and all of the other “burgs” and “brucks” in Austria.
Well, I guess you can’t have them all, that’s why my husband surprised me with a short trip to the mountains. Now, when I say mountains, it usually means everywhere in Austria (except Vienna of course). So based on what criteria was the selection made ? Easy enough, it was made based on the quantity of snow. However since snow came in dry amounts this year and it’s more like a tropical winter here, we booked a farm at the mountain feet of Radstädter Tauern where you can find the famous ski resort Obertauern. Here’s a view of the valley

We specifically wanted to stay at a farm and also to visit others and to get a feel how normal people live at the country side. It was a real treat for our kids as well. This particular farm, is an organic farm, and belongs to the Jäger’s. The highlight was that each morning we found fresh organic cow milk and fresh organic eggs at our door step . Isn’t that amazing ??? Here are some pictures with farmer Jäger & his wife tending their animals

farmer Jäger
farmer Jäger

his wife
his wife

some pictures from the stable

It was only a 20 minutes drive from the farm to the ski resort Obertauern. We wanted to see snow, so we drove the next day up to the mountain. Honestly we were a bit disappointed, because usually Obertauern is covered in snow, but this year almost NADA….I mean the snow guns were working in full mode:) Nevertheless we found a quiet spot

If you’re visiting Austria in December be sure to visit a local christmas fair. No matter how big or small the town is, most likely it will host a christmas fair. This particular one was near us, in a small town called Tamsweg

You’re never to old or silly or wrinkled or tired for romance 🙂 How do you think those kids on the left appeared? How about those kids on the right ? 🙂
Being a photographer usually means you’re behind the camera and don’t get too many chances to get photographed, so this was one of those moments were the two of us were in the spotlight!

After a good night sleep, we decided to visit another farm, actually our favourite place in Austria. It belongs to a good friend of ours Jakob and is situated up in the mountains at around 1.100 m altitude. The scenery where he lives is spectacular, surrounded by woods and lakes. Here are some shots I took on our way there

This is Millstättersee (lake Millstäter) one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes. According to legend the name comes from latin “mille statuae” which basically means “a thousand statues”. After converting to christianity, Domitian the duke of Carinthia threw all the statues in the lake. So the legend goes! True or false, the lake is beautiful

To reach Jakob’s farm you have to drive up, and up, and up 🙂 But it’s really worth it, and there are lot’s of interesting stuff on the way to keep you busy until you arrive. Like these ponies for example, or this frozen apple

This is not a lake, this is a cloud-blanket over Villach – the last big city you see before entering into Italy. It’s a common phenomena here, to have a full day of sun up here and a full day of fog and clouds down there

I must admit we arrived hungry, all 5 of us. So I was hoping we would get the chance to eat something…..and behold, my hope was not in vain:) Soon after we made ourselves comfortable I saw Hanellore (or Mama-how everybody calls her) cooking meatballs and all kind of goodies for us

In the meantime I managed to take my camera and have a look around the farm. Tobias ( Mama’s grandson) was demonstrating how easy it was to feed these massive beasts. These cattle are called Galloway they look impressive sort of like buffalos but probably not that ill tempered. Here are some pics from around the farm

These two hands belong to Jakob. Since it was advent time he thought a wooden carved candle was the perfect gift. He was right, because not only I love everything handmade, but this particular candle is sitting right now under our christmas tree

…and this is Jakob. Thanks for candle

We stayed a couple more hours, but it was time to leave. Driving down from the mountain, I saw some guys playing hockey and it intrigued me. So I got out of the car and started to shoot some frames. One of the dudes came to me and we started a conversation. He told me that this was the only ice rink in an area of 50 km, and it was mainly so because this particular spot was hidden below a cluster of trees and there was almost no sun. So, naturally it was very cold and it stayed frozen.

We tried to visit another farm the next day, but we got lost and drove into a blind alley or dead end. It was a farm there all right, but apparently no one there, just this very cute cute dog. I believe it’s a Newfoundland

….and since we were on top of another mountain again, we found some snow and took some pics

Goodbye farm life, goodbye for now! We stayed only 3 days, short some would say, but the air, the sun and the feeling being constantly surrounded by nature, will last much longer. Here are some final pics just before we left early in the morning. Hope you enjoyed this read, if you did please hit like and share at the bottom of this article, thanks a lot

C. Florea
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